Hemal Shah - Race Ambassador Suryam Marathon

Hello I am Hemal shah, ADR president and runner at heart. In the world of marathons, where determination and heart pave the path to success, I am humbled and honored to serve as the brand ambassador for this remarkable event of Suryam Marathon.As I embark on this journey, allow me to share with you a glimpse into my story and what it means to be a brand ambassador .

I have been running for the past 20 years and have a few full marathons,ultra marathon trail marathon under my belt which includes Mumbai marathon ,adani marathon, vadodara ultra,Bern trail marathon ,Durshet trail marathon, and quite a few half marathons,and duathalons . Recently did relay in half Ironman goa 70.3 in hot and humid weather.

I am thrilled to be part of this journey

Join me as we lace up our shoes and chase our dreams, one stride at a time.

Keyur Patel - Race Ambassador Suryam Marathon

Hello Everyone,

I am Keyur Patel and I am an avid runner and now a Triathlete! I am passionate about running and hence I decided to dedicate my career to running and coaching. I am ACSM certified running coach and have many laurels to my name in running.

I have been running Marathons, Half Marathons & Ultra Marathons since few years now and has been associated with largest running group of Gujarat-ADR (Amdavad Distance Runners).

I was amazed at the achievements of Mr. Lihas Trivedi who ran 25 hours continuously on Treadmill and set a Limca Book Record and since then I also got addicted to running.

I have won many races in my age category and have also won 12 hours race organized by LS Sports in which I ran more than 108kms in 12 hours and was the winner.

I have done many 50+kms Ultra runs and ran the Ahmedabad Ring road 3 times.

My recent and most satisfying achievement is Ironman which I did in Israel last year (2022).

I am glad to get the opportunity to represent Suryam Marathon as Race Ambassador for the 2nd edition of the event.

For me running is passion which has become a profession as I am a full time Trainer! I look forward to sharing my tips on how to prepare for 10km & Half Marathon during the association with the event.